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Northeast Houston Real Estate Group is different.  We're here to serve you and all of your real estate needs in Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, Lake Houston, Eagle Springs

Accurate and Factual Pricing – We believe that telling you whatever you want to hear just to get our sign in the yard does not serve your best interest. We’re going to give you access to the data you need to make an informed decision about the price you decide to ask for your home. Will we list for more than the value the data supports? Yes, within reason. We have listed and sold several homes for far more than conventional wisdom and other agents believed we could, but the clients made that decision with the full understanding of where the market was at the time.

Innovative Ideas to Maximize Value – Homes are typically found using the internet. Standard practice allows for uploading some pictures and descriptions to the local MLS and dropping a sign in the yard then wait and see what happens. We are constantly looking to improve your homes visibility and unique market position. Virtual tours, video and blogging have led many of our homes to get immediate attention. We strive to beat everyone to the market with the freshest information about your house and do it in a way that sets you apart. Did I mention our quad copter and camera setup?

Whatever it Takes Attitude – Need a few extra pieces of art or furniture to make your house absolutely show ready? We’ve stripped things from our own homes to make that happen. Our group looks at your house from all the angles that each of our unique talents provide. We collaborate in the most effective way to make sure the deal gets done and you know nothing was left out in the process.

Unparalleled Nationwide Marketing - Homes are syndicated out through the MLS to all the various real estate marketing websites. There’s very little control that a home owner or agent has to control that, but we have unique partnerships that give us an edge. We have the ability to brand your home with us across many platforms that are nationally known. This means that buyers will have a greater potential to call our group before calling a random agent. Who knows more about the value of your home than the agents who helped you list it? This plays into our strategy of innovatively marketing your home like no one else.

Keep You Informed Every Step of the Way – What do you prefer, text, email, handwritten letters, phone calls or video chat? We want you to know everything that’s going on during your transaction. How many times have you signed documents and handed over checks because someone said that was the procedure? We just cannot believe that’s how anyone should feel in the time of one the most important decisions in their life. Educating you through every process is just the right thing to do and no one should accept less.

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